How to Write Backwards 3 or “Ԑ” Symbol With Alt Code

In this article we will discuss Backwards 3 or reverse 3 signs and these signs are used day by day on social media platforms. But many people do not know about those symbols, what is its name and how to write. Backward 3 symbols are used also for hearts in many platforms, but questions are how to write.

Many ways to write this symbol. First you can type alt code, second use google doc file, third use MS Word software and fourth use android phone.

This symbol is used on many social media platforms for i love you word means reverse 3 symbol is the short form of i love you.

What is Backwards 3?

The backward 3 is a symbol that resembles a reverse “E” or a reverse 3 when written as a number.

Backwards 3 is a cannabis strain that was created by breeders at Cannatonic Seeds. 

This strain is known for its high THC content (20-25%) and terpene profile. 

Its name comes from the fact that it was bred backwards from a cross between two popular strains called Gorilla Glue 1 and Gorilla Glue 2.

Its main application is on social media platforms, where users use it to denote the “love” symbol in a chat or status.

Meaning of Backward 3 Sign

The backward 3 is a sing but this is a reverse of “E” or Ԑ. Its use on social network platforms in chatroom for love “<3”, but in Latin the backward 3 motive is epsilon in lowercase. The reverse 3 is also represent for heart like Ԑ>.

Backward 3 Sign on Phone

Android companies do not allow backward 3 signs in your phone, but don’t worry about this sign type two way in android phone. First are you copy this sign and paste in text box second you type reverse 3 symbol like “Ԑ”. This sign is used as a heart symbol in chat rooms on social network platforms. 

Type of Backwards 3 Alt Code

This code are apply only on google doc file and ms word software

MS Word Software With ALT Code

If you use Microsoft word software then follow these steps.

  1. First of all open ms word on your PC 
  2. Click the blank page and type “0190” code.
  3. Select this code.
  4. After selecting this code press ALT+X key on your keyboard.
backwards 3 symbol on ms word
Microsoft Word

Without ALT Code in Microsoft word

  1. Open Microsoft Word on the PC.
  2. Click the “Insert” Tab.
  3. In the “Symbols” group click the “symbol” button.
  4. After opening the symbol popup click the “More Symbol” button.

Google Doc File

If you use a Google Doc file then follow these steps.

  1. Firstly you open google on your PC.
  2. Type in search bar “Google docs”.
  3. After opening google doc file click the new blank page.
  4. In the blank page press ALT Code “ALT + I + C” shortcut key.
  5. Now in front of you Google docs Special Characters.
  6. Type “reverse” in the search box.
  7. Select “Ԑ” this symbol and press enter.
reverse 3 symbol in google docs.
Google Docs.

Without ALT Code in Google Doc.

  1. Open google doc on the computer.
  2. Click the new blank page.
  3. Open the “insert” tab in google doc.
  4. Click the “Special Characters” button.
  5. “Reverse” Write in the search box.
  6. Select “Ԑ” this symbol.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to make a Backward 3 on Android Phone.

Copy reverse 3 code and paste in your android text box. Reverse 3 code is “Ԑ”, and this code are used for love symbol like “Ԑ>”. This is a combination of two symbols: first reverse “3” or “E” and second “>” greater than symbol.

How to Type “Ԑ” Alt Code

MS word code is type “0190” press ALT +X, google doc file code is “ALT + I + C” after pressing this shortcut key open a ”Insert special character” box. Choose this code and press enter.

How to Write backward 3 meme

This love symbol is written in combination of two words like reverse “3” or “E” and greater than sign “>”.

Backward 3 heart symbol
Heart Symbol

Backward 3 Heart symbol

Backward 3 Heart symbol is “<3” or “Ԑ>”.

Use of reverse “Ԑ” symbol

This symbol are used show the feeling of our partner by using in the form of heart text like “Ԑ>”.

Backward 3 in math, physics, chemistry

For some, you may be employing the backward 3 in arithmetic or physics (or maybe chemistry or another field) (or maybe chemistry or another science).

Type Backwards 3 “Ɛ” symbol on Your Mobile Phone & PC

Most smartphones, whether Android phones or iOS, will not allow you to type this symbol.

Just copy the ‘Ɛ’ symbol and combine it with ‘>’. This can be done very easily by going to the “Symbols” section of your phone’s keyboard.


If you use social media platforms in an android phone then the best option for you is to copy this symbol and paste in your text box. In your PC and google doc you use alt code and copy paste both options are helpful for you. If you read this article and related information any time, then you follow our Facebook page “Techblogidea”.