Top 10: C Project Ideas for Beginner (2021)

C++ and C language is base of programming field, if you are beginner and you want to come in programming filed then you will compulsory learn C and C++ language. After learning this language you will create a mini C project like software, application and games. But you will say, we have learned only array, pointer, file handling, and data structure. No problem, in this article you will learn about short and simple as well as long and complicated projects.

Many C projects you will get learned in this article such as: Bank Management System, Contact Management System, Calendar Application, Snake Game, Customer Billing System, Hospital Management System, Cyber Management System, Library Management System, Pacman Game, Quiz Game, School Billing System and many other Projects.

10 C Programming Project for Students

(1) Bank Management System

You manage a customer account service in a bank from this project so, it is called Customer account  Bank Management System. From this project you can create a new account, check details of an existing account, delete old accounts and manage all accounts simple.

In this project you can also manage transactions like debiting and crediting money. This application is a console based application and in this application uses GCC Compiler.

(2) Contact Management System

This c project is similar to Phonebook or electronic diary because in this project you add, view, delete and save your number. It’s used for storing the data in the file because it is a file handling method.

Here on you can create a contact list by name, number and email. Content management systems are all added and edited records saved in a file.

10 c project for students
C Project

(3) Calendar Using C Project

This project uses mainly three operations: finding a date, month and year. Calendar applications are simple and mini projects and you can use a turbo c compiler for this project. One of the best features of the calendar application is the method of file handling.

(4) Customer Billing System

As this project name suggests you have got an idea about this project. Customer billing system is used in malls, cafes and stores etc. because this project is used for cutting the bill by product, name, price, grantee. This bill is proof of the malls and cafes. Customer billing system is simple and a mini project.

(5) Hospital Management System

This project is to manage the data of patients like which disease, patient name, age and fix the appointment time etc. Hospital management is a very simple project and uses a file handling method for storing the data. This is mainly used for add, edit, search and delete record of using file. The source code of this project is over 1100line. 

(6) Cyber Management System

This project is used in cafes and computer centers, its work is to provide access to the user such as login etc. Cyber Management System is divided into two parts: client and second one is server, but both source code are different to each other. Client will provide the cyber service for the client and server will manage settings and client requests. 

(7) Library Management System

This project uses a file handling method because it stores the data of books in a specific file. Save the name of the student, issue date and book author in the library management system. This program is very easy and it is a type of console based application.

(8) Pacman Game

In the pacman game the pacman is driven where it moves along with the predefined path. The pacman is entered in a predefined path, moving and erasing in this path. As much more path eats then your score is increased. Pacman is a console based application and this project is designed for entertainment purposes. The pacman and snake game are both similar to each other and both games are designed by c language.

(9) Quiz Game

This project is based on simple MCQ questions like sports questions, general knowledge, technical questions and science quiz competition. After starting this game, the player selects the right answer and can reach the next level. This is a very simple project and uses console based applications in c language.

(10) School Billing System

This project is the best C programming project because it is a console base project and its design does not use graphics. School billing system is divided into two parts, first for the staff and second for the teachers. It is used for add, modify, search and delete the record of an account. You can get out the details like fees, total student and salary related information for teachers and staff.

C project github

What is C project Github

Github is a software company and provides hosting for software development. This is used for making a repository and uploading projects on github.

First C Project

The name of the first c project is “Hello World” and it is developed by Dennis Retchie & Ball Labs.


In this article above we have discussed about 10 C Projects. I hope you have got the project, which you are finding for. All projects are mini and easy to understand and most projects use file handling methods.

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