How to Apply for Foodpanda rider registration (PH).

We’re all familiar with Food Panda, which is a pink box with a panda face on the sides. We experienced a spike in the number of bikers carrying these pink boxes containing food and other items because of the outbreak last year. Food Panda originally opened its doors in the Philippines in 2014, according to Wikipedia.  More individuals are asking how to become a Food Panda rider every day.

What does FoodPanda rider do?

Apps for Android and other platforms are available from Food Panda. Customers place orders with Food Panda-collaborated eateries and businesses. The working hours are the first thing to comprehend about how to become a FoodPanda rider.

Shifts are offered at Food Panda every three to six hours. During his shift, the rider is free to travel as long as his GPS/location is working. Once an order is placed it may be picked up by any Food Panda rider within a certain radius of the restaurant or company.

To become a FoodPanda rider, people must know where local restaurants and businesses are. For efficient service, the rider should double-check the Order Number associated with the cargo and ask the vendor whether the package is complete.

It’s time to start delivering!

On the app, the Food Panda rider may view drop-off details. It’s vital to comprehend how to be a FoodPanda rider by understanding the client’s location landmarks and other facts.

If the region is unknown the Food Panda rider may use map applications to locate the consumer using the ping. When delivering to a customer the Food Panda rider must verify that the drop-off is verified on the app and that any cash payments on delivery are collected.

How to Foodpanda Rider Register? 

  1.  Download the FoodPanda Rider app on your mobile device.
  2.  To register, upload the necessary documents to the app or the official website.
  3. FoodPanda will analyze all of your documents and contact you within 24 to 48 hours to discuss the next steps.
  4. You will get confirmation through SMS, phone call, or email after the verification procedure is completed.
  5.  FoodPanda will email you your rider ID and password after you’ve finished the registration procedure.
  6. Log in to the FoodPanda Rider app using your credentials.
  7. Establish a work zone.
  8. Defining your shifts every Wednesday is essential.
  9. Check your email and wait for orders to arrive.
  10.  When you get an order request, do the following steps:

Accept the order, please.

Pick it up at the specified location.

Keeping track of the schedule is important.

Make sure the order is delivered to the correct location.

Foodpanda Rider Application

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What does a Food Panda rider get paid?

The pay scale will be of interest to anyone who is interested in riding a Food Panda. You may make money as a Foodpanda rider in three different ways.

  1. Fee for delivery
  2. Incentives
  3. Customer Suggestion

Foodpanda riders used to charge a minimum of P55 for each delivery, with the final fee ranging based on the distance. Beginning in 2021, however, Foodpanda riders will be charged a minimum delivery fee of P27 for each order.

This was almost half of their previous year’s delivery rate. Riders used to make an average of P1,800 per day during the pandemic when food orders were in great demand. When the new charge structure was adopted, however, most riders only took home P500 to P800 each day.

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How Do Become a Foodpanda Rider?

Are you looking for a job that will enable you to work around your other obligations? Use the FoodPanda Rider app to apply for the job. The steps outlined below will walk you through becoming a FoodPanda rider. You’ll soon be able to support yourself and your family with a decent income.

How to Apply FoodPanda Rider (information)?

You can become and also apply for Foodpanda rider by following these steps:

  1. In each dropdown menu box, fill in the spaces with correct information.
  2. Questions will include where you want to cater, what kind of vehicle you’ll use, and your name and phone number.
  3. While you wait for a response to your application from the recruiter you’ll be required to complete the four steps.
  4. Rider Training, Set-up Gcash, Set-up Telegram, and Download Roadrunner make up the four lines of the program.
  5. The application form should be filled out as completely as possible.
  6. Upload the relevant documentation to confirm the agreement.
  7. You must perform the following activities on your smartphone in order to become a Foodpanda rider.
  8. Your application will then be processed by Foodpanda and you will be contacted once it has been approved.

Frequently Asked Questions

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FoodPanda Rider Salary

The salary of a Foodpanda rider is ₱71 per hour. Foodpanda delivery rider salary in the Philippines can range from ₱50 to ₱171 per hour.

In an interview with Foodpanda

The past may have seen riders earning up to P55 for each delivery. According to Carillo they presently earn about P27 for every booking however the final fee is still determined on distance. They might earn as low as P23 per reservation.

Carillo stated the new pay structure went into effect in May 2020, but he wasn’t aware of it at the time of the stoppage since there were more reservations. He used to be able to earn up to P1,800 every day. Now, his monthly earnings range from P500 to P800. Carillo alleged that since he was effectively fired by Foodpanda, he has been reliant on his wife for the requirements of their family of five.

In a meeting with the Department of Labor and Employment slated for Monday, July 26, FoodPanda management and affected riders will discuss the situation. Carillo and his coworkers are hopeful that their concerns will be addressed at their meeting with management and that the suspended riders will be restored.

Foodpanda claims to have always done everything possible to help passengers comprehend the price structure and advantages. The business claimed in an emailed statement that rider compensation considers route and distance, among other characteristics, allowing for a fair pay structure that is greater than related sectors.


If you want to make a living as a Foodpanda rider, I can assure you that you can. Why not give it a shot? You’re delivering things on your own time and in your own place, and you have three options for earning money.