7 Top: Free Hosting with Cpanel (2023)

You will get mostly paid hosting service but we will discuss in this article Free Hosting with Cpanel. Hosting is the most important part of an online website, if you have no hosting service then you can not run your website on the internet. Some hosting providers provide free offers from time to time but we will discuss seven types of hosting providers that provide free hosting. 

Seven types of free Hosting.

  1. Freehoting.com
  2. Infinityfree.net
  3. Byet.host
  4. X10hosting.com
  5. Awardspace.com
  6. 000webhost.com
  7. Googiehost.com

(1) FreeHosting.com- Best for Free Hosting with Email Account

This hosting provides both free and paid versions but we will discuss only the free version if you need a paid version then you go to their website. Free hosting providers provide many upgrades such as additional mailbox, subdomain, SSL, additional MySQL database, Domain alias, crontab, shell access, network  for scripts, multi PHP, DNS zone editor etc. but these are paid.

freehosting.com login Procedure 

free hosting with cpanel, freehosting.com

If your account is already done on freehosting.com then you go on their website and click the login button. Fill your email and password, and click again the login button then now your account will open. 

Free Package Details

Storage 10GB
Bandwidth Unlimited
Website One
Subdomains no
Email account Only one
Database 1 MySQL
Cpanel  Yes
Free 100%
Time limit Lifetime 
Website URL https://www.freehosting.com/free-hosting.html

This Package is perfectly suitable for lightweight websites like WordPress blog if you choose this package then your website runs online 24 hours a day.

(2) InfinityFree.net- Best for free SSL Certificate

free hosting with cpanel, InfinityFree.net
Infinitefree.net hosting

This is a free website hosting platform, it is a best hosting provider that provides unlimited bandwidth, 99.9% uptime, no force ads and Host any domain. Infinityfree.net provides hosting completely free, no credit card required, no time limit and no hidden fees.

Free Hosting Features

Disk space  Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited
Database 400 MySQL
Subdomain name Free
SSL Free on all your domains
DNS service Free
Htaccess support Full
Website URL https://infinityfree.net/

If you choose the infinityfree.net package then you host any domain and this hosting is never forced advertisements on your websites. Four lakh plus people are using infinityfree.net hosting.

(3) Byet.host

free hosting with cpanel, byet.host

If you choose Byet.host then you will get free FTP (File Transfer Protocol), PHP 5.3 (Personal Home Page), MySQL and other very popular features. If it takes a long time to upload files then the best option is byet.host because here file uploading work is very fast.

Free Hosting Features

Account Specification 1000mb Disk Space, 50 MB monthly transfer
File management FTP account, Online file manager,10 MB maximum full size
Domains 5 addon domains, 5 parked domains, 5 sub domains
Support Free tech support, free 24/7 support
Control Panel  Yes
Ads no
Email Custom MX records, Custom SPF records
Bandwidth High bandwidth
Website URL https://byet.host/free-hosting

(4) X10hosting.com- Best for Free Unlimited Hosting with Cpanel

free hosting with cpanel, x10hosting.com

This hosting provider provides 150+ fully customizable templates available in different categories. If you create custom templates then this hosting provides a website builder, i hope after using this builder you create unique templates. X10hosting is the best free hosting with cpanel.

Features of x10hosting.com 

Bandwidth and Disk space Unmetered
Database  MySQL
Website Builder Yes, provide a website builder for custom designing.
Control panel Completely free
One click installers 300+
Support Full time support
Hosting tools For easy file upload FTP, MySQL database via PHPMyAdmin, Configure email inboxes and domains.
Website URL https://x10hosting.com/#

(5) Awardspace.com

free hosting with cpanel, awardspace.com

If you choose awardspace.com hosting then you will get 100% ad-free hosting and 24/7 customer support.  Host four websites means You can host one domain and add up to three sub domains and this hosting provides a one click CMS (Content Management System) installer like WordPress and Joomla.

Features of awardspace.com

Network Uptime 99%
Bandwidth Limited 5GB
Disk Space 1000MB
Database Fully support MySQL database
Ad-free  100%
Website builder Website builder for custom design
CMS installation and signup One click
Website URL https://www.awardspace.com/free-hosting/

(6) 000webhost.com

free hosting with cpanel, 000webhost.com

This hosting provides four types of plans: first are free web hosting, second are single shared hosting, third are Premium shared hosting and business shared hosting.

Budget of these plans.

Free Web Hosting 0/month (Free)
Single Shared Hosting 1$/month
Premium Shared Hosting 2$/month
Business Shared Hosting 3$/month

Features of Free Web Hosting

Website host Only one
Disk Space 300 MB
Bandwidth  Limited (3 GB)
Protected nameservers Cloudflare
Uptime Guarantee 99%
Allocated Resources 1X
FTP account One 
Cron Job One
MySQL database One 
Website URL https://www.000webhost.com/

(7) Googiehost.com- Best Free Unlimited Subdomain Hosting

free hosting with cpanel, googiehost.com

This hosting service provides 100% free hosting, free website builder, SSD boosted, attracta SEO tools. Absolutely free no ads means, googiehost.com don’t place ads on your website. 

Free Web Hosting Features

Website Single website
SSD Storage 1000MB
SSL certificate Free SSL certificate
Bandwidth 100GB
Cpanel Yes 
Business Email account Two
FTP (File Transfer Protocol) account Two
Protected Nameservers Cloudflare
Uptime 99%
Subdomains Free
Website builder Free 
CMS installer, Website templates Free 
Website URL https://googiehost.com/freehosting.html

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Choose Best Free Hosting

We provide free points that help us choose the best free hosting.

  1. Disk Space = Unlimited.
  2. Bandwidth= Unlimited.
  3. Minimum one Email account.
  4. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate.
  5. Full time support.
  6. Automatic Backup.
  7. Website builder.

What is Bandwidth and Disk Space?

Disk Space: Disk space is space where you can store the file, such as html file, image, video and text. In other words it is a total amount of space on a server.

Bandwidth: Bandwidth is the amount of data transfer and this is working on your website and end users.


We have discussed above in this article free hosting with cpanel, free SSL certificate, free subdomains, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space and many more. Googiehost.com is the best free unlimited subdomains service because this hosting service provides free ssl, cpanel, website builder, 99% uptime support and many features. After reading this article you choose any service, after choosing please write in the comment box.