How to Change PLDT WiFi Password? and Find PLDT IP Address of WiFi Connection

When people take a new WiFi connection then most people do not change username and password, it keeps a default SSID name and password which is commonly available on the internet. This is the main reason for your WiFi password hack then the main question in front of you is how to change PLDT WiFi password.

If you want to change PLDT WiFi password then firstly you need to know what is pldt fibr. The fiber increases the downloading and uploading speed with the help of fiber optics and, this speed is upto 1GBps. If you just follow the pldt WiFi password process step by step then trust us, in this article you will get a full information of this process.

How to Change Fibr WiFi (SSID) Password

Change fibr wifi (ssid) password, how to change pldt wifi password

Follow a few steps for changing a WiFi password on your PLDT fibr internet router.

  1. First of all connect your computer or phone from your PLDT fibr network.
  2. Now you open the browser on your computer or phone like chrome, firebox, internet explorer etc.
  3. Go to the search bar and type I.P. address (this is a PLDT fibr default gateway address).
  4. After type I.P. address press enter.
  5. If you get any error like “your connection is not private” then you click the “Advance” button and click “Processed to”.
  6. Now in front of your new window and this window is called PLDT Home Fibr Login Screen.
  7. Type username “admin” and password “1234” and click the “Login” button this password and username is by default.
  8. After login you will arrive at the PLDT WiFi router’s Dashboard.
  9. Here, you change two WiFi passwords: first for 2.4Ghz band WiFi name and password and second 5Ghz band connection WiFi name and password.
  10. If you change your 2.4G and 5G username and password then click the “Advance” button.
  11. Type a new password in the “Passphrase” section and change your WiFi name in the “SSID Name” section.
  12. After changing this process just click the “save” button and exit from your router dashboard.

How to Reset PLDT Home WiFi Password

  1. Firstly open your browser like google chrome.
  2. Put your login name and password.
  3. In the Account management page change your router admin panel login details.
  4. Type a new password and click the “Apply” button. 

How to find IP address of wifi connection , change pldt wifi password

How to Find the PLDT IP Address of WiFi Connection?

  1. First of all, open your Computer.
  2. Press “Window” key Plus “R” key.
  3. Type search box “cmd ” in small alphabet and press enter key.
  4. Now in front of your new window this window is called Command Prompt.
  5. Type “ipconfig” command and press enter.
  6. After completing this process you will get your WiFi IP address.

What is “”? 

This is I.P. (Internet Protocol) address of PLDT Website, if you type in browser search box “” then you will directly arrive at the pldt website.

How to PLDT Home WiFi Login?

 Open the browser on your computer or phone and type “” I.P. address on your search box and press enter. Type username name and password and click the login button. Now in front of your network setting dashboard, manage your 2.4GHz and 5GHz network under WLAN settings.

How to Know PLDT WiFi Password Using IP Address 

Just type your IP address “” in your browser and press enter. Type username “admin” and password “1234” this username and password you will get by default and press the login button. 

How to Fix “Your Connection is Not Private” Error?

Fix "your connection is not private" error

If you will get the “your connection is not private” error then after following a few steps you fix this error.

  1. First of all you click the “Advance” button.
  2. After clicking the advance button you will get the “process to website name” button. 
  3. Another way is to clear your browsing history and set time.


Necessary to change PLDT WiFi password because if you do not change this password then hackers will hack your website. This username and password you will get from your internet connection by default like username is “admin” and password is “1234”and it everyone has. I hope you will have the best information in this article, please write your feedback in the comment box.