How to Get 10+ Free Indian Number OTP Bypass 2023

You will get many websites for Indian Number OTP (One Time Password) Bypass, but in this article you will receive many numbers and websites. Today we will discuss how to use Disposable numbers in different methods, why use fake or disposable numbers or how to accept OTP from fake numbers. Which websites provide fake/disposable Indian phone numbers and the list of fake Indian numbers for OTP bypass. 

Why Use Indian Disposable Number. 

Many companies and websites demand a mobile number for verifying your account but keep your personal number private. Many times that is risky then in this situation you need a disposable number. You use these numbers without any registration and verification, and make a social account from disposable numbers. You will get many apps that provide free recharge for signup and bypass any otp immediately.

From a disposable number you earn unlimited money like the rooter app, sign up for this app by disposable numbers and enter opt to earn 200 coins. If you earn money from the rooter app then read the article (Unlimited coins + money + Hack) Rooter Mod apk (v6.3.0.3) Free Download.

List of Disposable Mobile Numbers 2023

List of Indian Disposable number 

Country Name  Site Name Mobile Number
India +91 +91 7428731210
India +91 7428723462
India +91 7428723570
India +91 9090974785
India +91 9090711863
India +91 9090975571
Thailand 66958561475
USA 3473180536
India +91 9090213229

In this list you will get 100% disposable number, enter these numbers in your app sites social media and just go to these sites take otp. You can use these numbers for bypass messages or otp verification easily. 

How to get Paid Number by Website

Firstly visit sites like free-sms-verification and type your name, email address and select the package. Choose the payment option and click the “OK” button. In this website you will get a lot of numbers like 1 to 1000 numbers. Choose any number and take OTP. If you take a paid number then  you will obtain many benefits, like use this number for unlimited times and ,bitcoin app will also accept your payment.

10+ Best Sites for Disposable Number

All sites are .com websites, go to your chrome search bar type site name with .com.

  1. Receivesmsonline.
  2. Textnow
  3. Hs3x
  4. Receivefreesms
  5. Freesmsverification
  6. Smsonline
  7. Textmegic
  8. Textlocal
  9. Proovl
  10. Esendx
  11. Felixmerchant

Just go to any website and select the number according to your wish and start getting SMS instantly. Just sign up on those numbers and get verified early without any difficulty.

How to Bypass Disposable Number Verification on Any Websites

Indian number OTP bypass

  1. Firstly you open disposable number website in your browser like
  2. Choose a disposable number according to your country.
  3. Enter the number on websites.
  4. After entering the number the website will send OTP on your number.
  5. Now, you go to your disposable number websites and click on your number.
  6. Read the message of that number and find the OTP on SMS.
  7. Now, copy the OTP and Paste your social media and app like rooter app.
  8. By your real number you successfully pass the OTP verification.

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Frequently Asked Question

How to Receive Free Number for OTP Verification.

You can receive free number by “receivesmsfree” website, from this website you can take a number and register otp on your app, social media account like WhatsApp, twitter, yahoo, telegram etc.

Is This Number We Can Use Permanently?

This is a temporary number and you can not use it for your important message because this number is fake or disposable. Disposable numbers are online for a few days, weeks and months  means this is not permanent.

Final Word

You can use these numbers on any account like social media and apps, but you know this number is fake and it is used only for sharing the app and earning money such as the rooter app. So, use these websites only to bypass OTP notification. In this website we have shown the best and easiest method for India Number OTP Bypass. I hope from this article you will get help and if you have any problems then please show in the comment box.