How to Convert Load to Gcash (2022 Guide)

Gcash is the most popular mobile wallet app in the Philippines, from this app you can pay bills, buy loads, send money, shop and do many other things. It is a safe and secure mobile app because this app connects your mobile number. Now, we will discuss how to transfer regular load to Gcash funds.

How to Transfer Regular Load to Gcash Funds 2022.

It is true, converting regular load into gcash fund was possible before but at present this feature is not available in Gcash application. Because the fraudulent activities are increasing day by day this is the main reason, the feature was discontinued in February 2017. However, in this article we will discuss some other options for converting your unused load to gcash.

The other option is you can sell the Load to another user, but you do not accept the cash you can ask them to transfer the cash in your Gcash account. This is possible Globe’s “share – a – load” feature and Smart’s “Pasaload” feature. But now in front of you the main question is How to convert “Globe load to Gcash” and Smart load to Gcash.

How to Convert “Globe Load to Gcash”.

Convert Globe load to Gcash

If you  want to sell loads by “share – a – load” process to another Globe or Touch mobile user, then you will have to pay charge PHP 1 for every transaction. You will get two ways in share a load process, first are dial *143# and second via SMS.

(I) Share a Load via *143#

  1. Firstly, you dial *143# on your mobile phone.
  2. To choose my account from the menu press the “0” key.
  3. For choosing share a load/ Promo/ MB press the “3” key.
  4. Select from the following option.
  5. Share a load without a pin.
  6. Share a load with a pin.
  7. Share a promo without a pin.
  8. Share a promo with a pin

Enter your recipient’s amount and 10 digit mobile number, but don’t forget to exchange the “0” with “2”.

(II) Share a Load via SMS      

If you share a load via SMS then you will get two options: first are with a pin and second without pin you share a load.

Share a Load With Pin

  1. First of all you open your mobile phone text application.
  2. Enter amount <space> Pin.
  3. Send a 2 + 10 digit mobile number or globe number such as 50, send to 29171234567.
  4. After sending the message you will get a confirmation message on your mobile number.
  5. Reply yes to proceed with the transaction.
  6. Your load will be transferred within 5 minute.

Share a Load Without Pin

  1. Now, you open your mobile phone text app.
  2. Enter the amount and send a 2 + 10 digit mobile number for example : simply type 100 and send to 29164673202.
  3. Reply “Yes” on confirmation SMS.
  4. Load will be transferred within five minutes.

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Converting Smart Load to Gcash

Convert smart load to Gcash

When you sell your prepaid smart load to another smart user, then this process is called “Pasaload”. But on each transaction you will pay the minimum cost PHP 2. If you want to use this process then follow a few steps.

  1. Firstly open a text message app on your mobile phone to share your load.
  2. Type PASALOAD <11 digit number> <Space> <amount>.
  3. Send an 808 number. Example: simply type PASALOAD 09702183665, and send to 808.
  4. And you are done now.

Frequently Asked Question

How to Convert TNT Load to Gcash?

You can sell your load to another user and you can ask your cash transaction to be sent in your Gcash account. This is the best option for converting your TNT Load to Gcash because of the converting Load to Gcash feature not available in the Gcash application.

Features of Gcash 

Gcash is the most important application for paying bills, sending money and doing some other things and its millions of users in the Philippines. The latest version of Gcash app “5.47.0” and the download size is 67.22 MB. Gcash offered by “Mynt – Globe Fintech Innovations”, and this was released on Mar 23, 2012. 

Final Word

Do you know you are not taking a cash payment from your recipients, but you can ask your cash to be sent in your Gcash account. You convert your cash by Globe load to Gcash and Smart load to Gcash.

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