5 Main: Difference Webflow vs WordPress

In this article we will discuss Webflow vs WordPress which one is better for your websites. You will get both pros and cons of webflow and WordPress, after reading you will here decide which platform is best for your business. According to W3Tech in 2021 WordPress is running on 40% of websites on the internet and Webflow is running on 0.4% of websites.

Webflow and WordPress are both websites building platforms, but both are not the same. If you use WordPress in your website then you install a WordPress software online, but if you use Webflow then here you no need installing software because this is a SaaS application.

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  1. What is Webflow?
  2. Pros and Cons of Webflow.
  3. What is WordPress?
  4. Pros and Cons of WordPress.
  5. Webflow vs WordPress.

What is Webflow?

Webflow is a (CMS) Content Management System and hosting platforms and its use for web designing and web development. If you are starting a new business on Webflow then you do not need any coding knowledge. Webflow is the best choice for web designers because it is very simple and easy to use. It’s loading time is very fast because Webflow uses good quality, clean HTML and CSS code.

Webflow is a page builder and it is very helpful for web designers because it allows for completely custom design. It is a drag and drop website builder to build responsive websites.

What is Webflow, Pros of Webflow, Cons of Webflow

Pros of Webflow

  1. You can create a fully responsive website by Webflow.
  2. Webflow builds a lightweight website because its coding is very clean and good.
  3. Its website is secure because each plan is supported with a free SSL certificate.
  4. Webflow is very easy because it supports drag and drop website builder functionality.
  5. It is a website builder and it provides many templates and these templates are fully responsive.
  6. Webflow fully supports the CMS Content Management System.
  7. Fully support eCommerce websites.
  8. Webflow guaranteed uptime is very high (99.99%).

Cons of Webflow

  1. Its purchasing plan is different, so customers are confused about which is the right plan for our business.
  2. Webflow is not helpful for beginners because it is a powerful and versatile tool.
  3. Code customization is not possible in Webflow.

What is WordPress

What is WordPress, Pros of WordPress, Cons of WordPress

WordPress is an open source CMS platform and its use is very easy. If you are a beginner then WordPress is very helpful for your small and big business because WordPress is running on one of the three websites on the internet.

You want to run a simple website on the internet but you have no money then the best option is WordPress because it provides free plugins and themes.

Pros of WordPress

  1. WordPress is user friendly because learning WordPress does not need any technical knowledge.
  2. Many of the plugins and themes provide WordPress for any customization.
  3. It is SEO friendly because just install any SEO plugins and find the article SEO friendly and not.
  4. You can create a fully responsive website by WordPress.
  5. In WordPress the content creation process is simple because just with one click you create a page or post.
  6. WordPress is very easy to use and understand.
  7. Fully support eCommerce websites.
  8. This is completely free to install your server.

Cons of WordPress

  1. Site hack chances are very high.
  2. If you install many plugins then your website speed can slow.
  3. Updating is a small problem for your websites.

Webflow vs WordPress Which is Better for Websites.

Five main differences between Webflow vs WordPress.

  1. Webflow coding is very clean and good whereas WordPress code can become disorder due to the ambient need for plugins.
  2. You get allowed complete design freedom from Webflow, but WordPress is restricted by templates.
  3. Webflow is a website builder and you make edits on-page, but for editing you need plugins like elementor in WordPress.
  4. Its purchasing plan is different but WordPress is totally based on the hosting plan.
  5. Webflow fully supports drag and drop functionality, but you need plugins for drag and drop functionality in WordPress.

Webflow vs WordPress Pricing.

WordPress vs Webflow pricing, WordPress vs Webflow which one is better
WordPress vs Webflow Pricing

Three types of pricing in Webflow: first Basic, second CMS, third Business and all are different.

Basic Pricing: This package is only helpful for those people who make a simple website and do not need a CMS Content Management System. It costs $12 a month. 

CMS: This plan is very helpful for blog or websites and this plan will support one lakh traffic in your websites or blog. It costs $16 a month.

Business: This package is very high like $36 a month and it is best for one lakh plus traffic websites or blogs.

WordPress service is free but this service comes from your hosting. If you need any theme and plugins then you purchase and if you have no requirement of any plugins and themes then no purchase. It means WordPress totally depends on your business.


After learning Webflow vs WordPress, I hope it is clear which platform is best for your websites. Webflow is a better choice for more experienced people in web design. In another way WordPress is the most popular CMS and it offers great functionality at a proper price.