(Pros and Cons): Custom vs WordPress Website design

Suppose that you want to start a new online business by website designing, then creating a new website requires some planning and decisions. One of the main decisions you will make is to decide whether you want to create your business a custom web design or use the WordPress platform. No problem in this article you will get full details of custom vs WordPress website design.

If you are serious about your business then for you a custom website is beneficial. And if you are planning to create a small business then choose WordPress platform.

In this article we will discuss some topics of custom vs WordPress website design, hopefully, help you decide which one is good for your website.

  • WordPress website designing.
  • Why choose WordPress websites (Pros of WordPress).
  • Why not choose WordPress websites ( Cons of WordPress).
  • Custom website designing.
  • Why choose Custom website design (Pros of Custom website designing).
  • Why not choose Custom website design (Cons of Custom website designing).

WordPress website designing

WordPress website designing, Pros and Cons of WordPress Website designing
WordPress -website-designing

In Custom vs WordPress website design a lot of companies use WordPress for making websites because working on WordPress does not need to hire the web developer, code and websites are very easy to make in WordPress , since WordPress is a framework, it’s coding is pre-defined.

Plugin and theme is used in WordPress for making a website design simple, then it’s use is very easy. Therefore WordPress is used for small businesses.

Why choose WordPress websites ? (Pros of WordPress )

  1. Uses Plugins and Theme templates: WordPress has many of the plugins and theme templates for use by people. By default in WordPress 2021 have seen 12000+ theme templates and 62000+ plugins. These all plugins and templates are very helpful for website designing.
  2. SEO in WordPress do it’s are very easy: Seo stands for search engine optimization, many plugins used for seo in WordPress like Yoast seo plugin it is a very famous plugin for seo. According to WordPress 5+ millions people have used yoast seo plugin because it’s use is very simple.
  3. Easy to Use: No more technical knowledge required for WordPress websites. WordPress services are one-click install and one-click maintenance update. It’s use is very simple, online and offline both options are in WordPress for users.
  4. Website Designing: The design of the website is very easy to use, you can use a free template or else you can use Elementor website builder plugin. 5+ millions people have used Elementor website builder plugin.

Why not choose WordPress websites ? (Cons of WordPress)

  1. Speed: Speed of WordPress websites is slow if many plugins add in websites. If the Site is slow then the site can not rank high in google because sites are overloaded.
  2. Security reasons: WordPress is an open source content management system, and so the room is open for potential hackers. If your plugins and theme are outdated, then WordPress sites are hacked.
  3. Up-to-Date: Alert of your WordPress updates, if your WordPress is not updated at the right time then it is possible that the website’s plugin does not work. If you do not update the latest version of WordPress then there is a 70% chance of your website being hacked.
  4. Knowledge of coding: Website builder plugins are working drag and drop in WordPress, if the user customization changes then choosing custom CSS. But no knowledge of the user any CSS coding, then you will have to learn coding.

Custom Websites Designing:

WordPress website designing, Pros and Cons of WordPress Website designing

In Custom vs WordPress Website Design you want to create a custom website design then no need to compromise in custom design, you can make any design you want.

If you are expert in a web designing field then you can create a unique and good web design. A lot of people are leaving your website because its website is poorly designed, so traffic to your website is too low.

But to create a custom website design you have to learn coding language. If your website design is professional then a lot of people come to the websites and google rank grows at a high speed. Now we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages in custom website design.

Why choose Custom website design ? (Pros of custom website designing)

  1. Highly secure: You will have many complaints about google websites’ security. On the topic of security, custom websites are better, because custom websites full security is in the user’s hand.
  2. Unique design: Custom website designs are made unique and this design does not get in the world. This unique design helps to rank in google your website.
  3. Works with any Hosting: Custom websites can work with any hosting because it’s lightweight.Search engines are more supported in lightweight websites, because these websites take very less time to open.

Why not choose Custom website design ? (Cons of custom website designing)

  1. Time: Making a custom website time looks very high, because you create the all part of the website from your coding, Otherwise use an html template.
  2. No Knowledge of Coding: You have no knowledge of coding then you will have to hire a web developer and create a website. If web developers run away then your website will close.
  3. Very Costly: If you are standing up a professional business from a website, then you have to buy many tools like security tools. Otherwise the site will be hacked. This is the reason why custom website designs are very costly.


WordPress is a great platform for beginners and small business companies because WordPress provides many Plugins and themes absolutely free, and also no need for technical knowledge. If you’re an expert in coding then you choose a custom website.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. How choose WordPress or custom website for our business?

If your business is small or ecommerce than our suggestion you choose WordPress because WordPress is very helpful for small websites or ecommerce websites. And if your business is very large than you choose custom websites.

Q2. What are the Advantage of WordPress Websites?

WordPress Websites are very easy to learn and no requirement of high technical knowledge. According to google 40% websites are running in internet by WordPress.