5 Difference: which one is Better in (WordPress vs PHP)

WordPress vs PHP is for finding out which one is best for your website, then you read the full article. 

Now let’s start, today we will discuss WordPress vs PHP which one is better for your website. WordPress and PHP both are quite different to each other in various facets. Choosing the best between word press and PHP you will consume time and money both, but we say no. After reading this article you will have the best knowledge of WordPress and PHP and you will choose one from both WordPress or PHP.

Why Choose PHP (personal home page)?

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PHP (Personal Home Page)

Why choose PHP in WordPress vs PHP, because PHP is an open source programming language and you do not have to pay a high amount for purchasing a licence and for using PHP. If knowledge of PHP is very high then you can create popular websites, applications and other tools in PHP. Another name of PHP is Hyper Text Pre Processor and the full form is “Personal Home Page”.

As you know WordPress is made by PHP, and its many frameworks such as Laravel, Codelgniter, Synfiny and CakePHP. PHP framework is used by building difficult web applications, high level flexibility, greater quantity and performance.

PHP is an object oriented programming language and it works on both front-end and back-end web development. If you have exact knowledge of coding in web development then you choose PHP.

In the Web development field if you want to learn about other programming languages such as: C and C++, JAVA, JavaScript, Python and Ruby, then you go to our another article “Top 7 best programming languages for web development”.

Why Choose WordPress?

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If you choose WordPress in WordPress vs PHP, then you have no need for high technical knowledge in this field because it is easy to use and understand. WordPress is a popular content management system (CMS) but WordPress is totally made by PHP. In web development filed WordPress is not a small platform, its millions of websites running daily on the internet because its use is very simple.

WordPress provides free themes and templates, free plugins, inbuilt seo features, great scalability etc. But it is useful for small businesses, and its customization is very easy. 

Difference between (WordPress vs PHP)

Even if you learn the basics of PHP and WordPress, now we will discuss the difference between PHP and WordPress in a few steps.

1- Security

If you don’t take all precautions then both are not secure, that’s because if you leave any code of PHP then your website will be hacked, and other way you use good coding in PHP then your website can be secured. WordPress is also secure because here WordPress provides more plugins, just from installing plugins your website can be secured. Many tips of Prevent WordPress Hacking follow this link and read another article

2- User Experience

In WordPress vs PHP user experience is fateful for all website owners. Since PHP is a framework and these are basically designed by good developers. WordPress is simple and easy to use with no need for high knowledge in technology. If you work on small business then choose WordPress and if you work on big business then we prefer PHP.

3- Google Ranking or SEO Friendly 

SEO is the most important part of your website to high ranking in google. If you make your site SEO friendly then you will create proper meta tags, title, headings, and description at the right place.

Here, in WordPress vs PHP WordPress is more powerful from PHP because in WordPress you can use most of the plugins for title, heading etc. just one click you could put titles and headings.

4- Flexibility

In WordPress vs PHP websites, WordPress website is more flexible from PHP website because Content Management System (CMS) offer a lot of choice.

WordPress website is easier done and flexible from PHP website. WordPress is helpful for more dynamic websites.

5- Technical knowledge 

If you are expert in programming knowledge then you can choose  PHP because coding is highly important in PHP, and if you are a beginner and have no technical knowledge, then you can choose WordPress because WordPress is easy to learn and understand.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Why WordPress security is best as compared to PHP?

WordPress security is best because no need any coding only just install plugins, and then your websites is secure.

Q2. Why WordPress is best for beginner?

WordPress is best for beginner because no need many technical knowledge. WordPress is easy to learn because WordPress is a CMS (content management system).


If you are a beginner and you want to create a website then you choose WordPress. PHP is better for coders and web developers. If you are expert in the programming field then you can choose PHP because it gives you the power to change every small thing you wish for.

If you read the full article then you will have be knowledge in  WordPress vs PHP, now please write your suggestion in the comment box.