Instagram Auto liker Download AbGram APK New Version (2022)

If you have an Instagram account but when you throw a post on Instagram then you will come not like and comment in your post. So, the Abram app is very helpful for your Instagram account because this is a magical Instagram like and comment exchange tool. This tool helps your post increase like and comment because it is an Instagram auto liker.

You will get many auto liker tools in the market but it is only one that can help for your Instagram post auto likes and auto comments. It helps thousands plus Instagram users, so you have a chance to grow your account. After testing, the Abgram app proved to be the best auto liker and auto commenter application.

Features of Abgram Application

  1. You will get many features for Abgram but in this article you will get only five most important features for growing Instagram likes and comments.
  2. Increase Like on Post: Instagram gives the priority on most like to the posts because Instagram works on an algorithm. So, if you want to grow your Instagram account then the best option for you is Abgram. If you successfully grow like and follower then Instagram suggests your account to other users. 

  1. Increase Comment and Follower: Yes, it also generates fake comments and followers on your post and picture.
  2. Interface: It is very easy to use, understand and its interface is very basic for its user. Any Instagram user can use this application to grow likes, comments and followers.
  3. Free: this application is absolutely free of cost for Instagram users.
  4. It is helpful for growing  spam free likes and comments. 

App Information

  • App Real Name: AbGram Mod Apk.
  • System Requirement: 3.0 and above.
  • Size in MB: 3.15 MB (Mega Byte).
  • Downloads: 100000 Plus.
  • Last Update: 5 Jan 2022.
  • Version: 2.0.0(2).
  • Price: Absolutely Free
  • Get it on: Official website (

Increase likes and followers by abgram app

How does Wok AbGram

  1. First, you download an Abgram app on the official website (Download like available on app information).
  2. After downloading, install on your phone or tablet.
  3. If you install on your pc then, firstly you install the “Bluestack” app on your pc.
  4. Now you open this app.
  5. Follow all its conditions and login your Instagram ID.
  6. After login select your post on which you want to grow likes and comments. 
  7. Now, you click on the “Submit” button.

Advantage of Abgram Application

  1. Save Timing: With the help of Abgram you save a lot of time because this is helpful for growing likes, comments and followers on your Instagram account.  
  2. 100% Safe: This app keeps your profile safe and private.
  3. Increase your Popularity: After growing likes, comments and followers by Abgram build high popularity on Instagram.
  4. It provides two most important features in the latest version, with the help of first features you can take likes from all countries and with the help of second features you can take likes from targeted countries.
  5. You will not need coins to take a like and comments, in this app you take a like without a coin.
  6. The best option of this app is you do not pay any money for likes, comments and other services.

How to Download AbGram App

How to Download Abgram 

  1. Firstly, you open your chrome browser.
  2. Type in the search box “” (this is the official website of this app).
  3. Click on the “Download Abgram Now” button.
  4. Now, you have successfully downloaded this application.

Frequently Asked Question

It is Illegal

Yes, it is illegal because Instagram does not allow third party apps or websites for growing likes, comments, and followers.

Which Person can Use this application? 

 Anyone can use this application but if you have an account on Instagram then you can take a benefit.

Final Wording

If you have an Instagram account and you want to grow your profile (likes, comments and followers) then this app is very helpful for your account. But keep in mind this is illegal because Instagram is not allowed to increase likes and comments by third party apps. If you use a third party application and website, then Instagram can close your account temporarily or permanently.

Any reason, if you want to use this application and you want to keep your account secure. Do not open a third party app for a long time. Open this application and instant select post and click like, comment and follower.