How to Solve ‘the Number you have dialed is Unallocated’ error?

The main reason you receive the “the number you have dialed is unallocated” message on your call intercept is that the number you’re calling hasn’t been assigned an organization by the administrator of the number, or it hasn’t been assigned to an end-user by the service provider.

 The Number you have dialed is Unallocated Is this message you received when you tried to call your friend the last time? Did your friend have this problem when trying to contact you? But don’t worry; you’re not the sole person who has heard this message.

 This means that the administrator hasn’t assigned the number to a service provider, or the provider hasn’t assigned the number to an individual subscriber. Let’s examine the various possible causes and solutions to the “the number you’ve called has not been assigned” problem.

What does the number that cannot be reached refer to? 

The number indicates the amount of an item (or the quantity of it) that is wanted or needed. Also, the number is an aim or ideal scenario. If someone says that the goal cannot be achieved” that means they’re affirming that it’s not possible to meet this target.

How do you define a ghost phone? Ghost calls or Phantom calls is an unanswered phone calls, if the person who is the target of the call responds to the call, there’s no one at the other end of the line. Ghost call is different from silent calls. Which originate from organizations that use telemarking with no representatives available to talk at the time an automated call is made.

What does it mean when it says the number you have dialed is unallocated?

If you dial an unconnected number you’ll hear the announcement that the call is not being completed and that your number is not correct or is not in service. The operator of the intercept may inform you that the phone number is disconnected. 

the Number you have dialed is Unallocated

How do I stop the calls from spammers? The label calls as spam. 

  • On your phone, start the Phone application.
  • On the bottom, you will see Recents. Tap it.
  • Make sure to tap the number you wish to mark as spam.
  • Click Block and then Report Spam.

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What is the cause of this issue?

There are a variety of reasons that can cause various reasons that can trigger the Number you have dialed is Unallocated error. Here are a few of the most well-known cases.

 False Number

This is the main reason you’re bound to receive a the Number you have dialed is Unallocated message. So, before calling someone is sure to double-check the number to confirm that the number you’re trying to dial is accurate.

Spoofed Number

The numbers that are used by telemarketers, scammers as well as spammers. They are generated by computers and are also known as term fake numbers. If you do not receive their calls, and then try to call them back, you’ll hear a ” the Number you have dialed is Unallocated message.

Paying bills

If you or the individual you’re calling hasn’t settled the phone bill, it could result in the cancellation of your mobile number and this message will be heard by you or anyone calling you. 

the Number you have dialed is Unallocated

The number you have dialed is not in service meaning

This could also be the result of a problem or network issue that could affect the network of your phone, which is why this message could come back.

You can inquire with them about any issues that arise from your side such as any bills that are pending. If there’s no issue then your service provider has some issues and they are trying to fix them.

Read the number again

Check by reading the text and verifying that the number you’re dialing is being dialed or not. You may also erase the number, and try calling it once more. 

Check your Google voice settings

If you’re getting an unallocated phone number for Google Voice, or you are receiving an unallocated number message on Google Voice, here’s how you can fix the issue. 

Who uses unallocated numbers error fix

Have you ever had the experience that you attempted to call the number but received an error message that read, “The number you dialed is not allocated” Or did your acquaintances have the exact error message after calling your number?

If that is the scenario, you’re not alone as it is a problem that happens to everyone and in this article, we’ll determine the cause and if there are any solutions to solve this.

The Roots of “the Number you have dialed is Unallocated” the error

There are a variety of causes reasons you might get an error message that says, the Number you have dialed is Unallocated. This is usually the case when the number is fake and if other users are receiving this message. While calling you, there’s the possibility that you did not pay your mobile bill for a time and the number was not allocated. In many instances, this may also occur when there are issues with the network or when the phone number does not have an assigned number.

the Number you have dialed is Unallocated

The number you have dialed has calling restrictions

You might be thinking about what is unallocated. Every nation has an administrator who assigns numbers to providers and they then assign the numbers to users. 

If we are talking about unallocated numbers. These numbers don’t have an owner or a user. Owner. This means that administrators have given the numbers to the service provider. But the provider hasn’t assigned the number to a particular user

Even if the number is in existence it is not allocated since there isn’t an owner or user for the number.

When a person purchases a SIM card brand new number is assigned to them that is unique. If the number doesn’t have an owner the voice system states, the Number you have dialed is Unallocated “.

Investigating Causes of Unallocated Numbers 

The Wrong Numbers

One of the most frequent reasons you may receive the message “the Number you have dialed is Unallocated” is the case when you dial a misplaced number.

If you dial a misplaced number that has not been assigned to an individual, you’ll receive an error message that says the Number you have dialed is Unallocated.

Spoof Numbers

There are many scammers, telemarketers, and spammers using software that create fake numbers. The numbers appear like numbers from real users, and they can fool you into believing they’re calls from genuine users.

As a user will be more likely to receive calls coming from a phone number that appears to be legitimate. If you do fail to receive a call from a fake number, and then try to call it back, you’ll encounter this error message that reads the Number you have dialed is Unallocated the explanation is that the number does not exist.

Unpaid Mobile Bills

If you’re connected to an internet connection but haven’t made your payments to your mobile bill for a while, your service provider could shut down your connection and then block your number. So, if your friends try to call you at the number, they’ll receive an error. This is why it’s essential to continue paying your phone bills on time.

Network Problems

In many instances the event of temporary network issues and the calls aren’t connecting could result in the following error on your handset. If there’s an issue with your network and there is a network issue, you could receive many messages that your auto-voice service could send to your phone. It’s possible to delay the issue for a while, and then attempt to reconnect after the issue is fixed.

the Number you have dialed is Unallocated

Can I resolve this problem of an unallocated number?

Make sure you dial the correct number

It is likely that the reason the error message is due to a called number. Thus, ensure that your dial is correct, and when you can, you can ask the other user to provide the contact information which you can save and make the phone call.

Contact Customer Support

Its problems with the network or other issues related to the SIM service provider will be the sole person who can solve these problems. If your SIM provider has not allocated your number, then you’ll have to reach out to them.

The most important thing to remember is that if called the correct number and it’s not spoofed. But you receive this message, or if you are seeing this message when to call your line, it is recommended to call the SIM card provider’s customer service.


It was everything to do with getting the “the Number you have dialed is Unallocated” error message that appears on your phone. We hope that this guide will assist you to understand the issue and how you can resolve it on your own.