Complete Guide:Top 7 Best Programming Language For Web Development 

Hii guys, if you are a beginner in the Programming Language for Web Development field ,then you have chosen the right place to learn the programming language. But you are not sure which programming language is best for web development. In this article today we will discuss two ways learning of Programming Language for Web Development. First is front-end web development and second are back-end web development. Front-end and Back-end language both are used by developers and programmers in web development.

Here, you will learn about the most popular programming language, but every beginner is puzzled about which programming language is best. So firstly you should learn about the level of languages.

Two Level of Programming language

  • Low level language
  • High level language

Low level language

It language is the type of programming language and this language is divided into machine level language & assembly level language. This language is very close to hardware and helps to write a program at hardware level.

High level language

It languages are very close to human language because this language is used in all programming languages like c, c++, java, PHP, JavaScript and python etc.

Programming language for Web Development

  • PHP (Personal Home Page)
  • JS (JavaScript)
  • JAVA (Just Another Virtual Accelerator)
  • C & C++
  • Python
  •  Ruby
  • C#

PHP (Personal Home Page)

Programming language for web development, PHP language, Pros and Cons of PHP language
PHP (Personal Home Page

Its stands for Hyper Text Pre-Processor and it is a server-side scripting language. In the web development field PHP is a most popular back-end programming language. The competition of PHP is higher than any other language in market, but also professional work of PHP is in very high demand. On the internet most of the websites are running from PHP like WordPress and Facebook are totally built by PHP. Therefore this language is the best programming language for web development.

 Pros of PHP

  • Run multiple platforms such as Windows, Mac & Linux.
  • Database connection is very easy.
  • Easy to use: if you learn a C language then will understand soon. 
  • Performance is higher than any other languages.
  • Support Object oriented programming language.
  • Strong library support

Cons of PHP

  • It is an open source where all people can see the source code.
  • Poor error handling because it is not a proper solution for the web developers.
  • Not handling a large number of apps.

JS (JavaScript)

JavaScript is used in front-end Programming Language for Web Development because it is a client-side scripting language. On the internet mostly websites have used JavaScript because it is a lightweight object oriented programming language. 

JavaScript allows more difficult and creative features on a website. Its language attends both server and client sides. In the tech world JavaScript is the most preferred programming language.

Pros of JavaScript

  • Speed of the JavaScript language is very fast.
  • Drag and Drop component like slider.
  • Compared to other languages, JavaScript syntax is very simple.
  • Support other languages like PHP and Pearl.

Cons of JavaScript

  • Less Secure because code is seen client side.
  • Only Support single inheritance.
  • Browser support is very poor.

JAVA (Just Another Virtual Accelerator)

Programming language for web development, JAVA language, Pros and Cons of JAVA language

This is a popular Programming Language for Web Development and it’s run by more than 3 millions devices. It is used for Mobile application, Desktop application, Web server, Games and Database connection etc. Java is a high level programming language and its syntax is similar to the C + + language.You use java in multiple platforms because Java is an object oriented programming language.

Pros of JAVA

  • Java is a server-side language.
  • It is used in many applications.
  • Required basic programming knowledge.
  • Easily execute without any change from one machine to another machine.
  • JAVA is less difficult than C and C++.

Cons of JAVA

  • Consume more time because its program runs on top java virtual machines.
  • High Cost because running a java program needs high quality hardware. 
  • JAVA works on storage not focused on backup data.
  • Compared to C and C++ languages, JAVA consumes more memory.

C and C++

 It is the base of programming languages and C is one of the oldest Programming Language for Web Development in the programming career. If you want to be a programmer then firstly you will learn the C language because C is the root of C#, C++, JAVA and JavaScript but C++ is the advanced version of C language.

C++ is object oriented programming language and also compiled the language which translates source code to machine code.

 Pros of C and C++

  • Useful for machine language and assembly language.
  • It is a compiled language.
  • C is procedure oriented language and C++ is object oriented language.
  • Both are faster programming languages.
  • Base of understanding difficult programming languages.
  • Both programs are easy to understand.

Cons of C and C++

  • Difficult Syntax.
  • No garbage collection.
  • Not run-time checking on C and C++ language.

Python Language 

It is the top programming language in this list and it is a high level language. Python language can run on operating systems like Mac, Windows and Unix etc. Users are free to use python language and it is used for creating web development and dynamic web content. Python languages are used to make 2D and 3D imaging programs such as Autodesk Maya, Blender and Inkscape etc.

Pros of Python

  • Python language also processes in XML and other markup languages.
  • Easy to learn and understand.
  • Simple to write a program.
  • Python language has some unique characteristics because it language make coding simple.
  • It is extensively used by scientists, engineers, and mathematicians.

Cons of Python

  • Not suitable for mobile development and game development.
  • Slow speed because it works as an interpreter not a compiler.
  • It is not secure.
  • Python had high memory consumption.

Ruby Language

Programming language for web development, Ruby language, Pros and Cons of Ruby language
RUBY Language

This language  is used for both front end and back end web development because it is a scripting language. Syntax of the Ruby language is level high and easy to understand. Users are free to use the Ruby language. It is an object oriented programming language and server side scripting language similar to Python and Perl.

Pros of Ruby

  • Use multi platforms like windows, mac and Linux etc.
  • Easy to read, write and understand.
  • Ruby is a flexible language.

Cons of Ruby

  • It is a new language and its coding is unique.
  • Speed of this language is slower than some other languages.
  • Not generated for desktop Graphical User Interface development.

C# Language 

This language is developed by Microsoft and it is a powerful language of .Net. Its have used by popular websites like Bing, Del and Visual studio etc. And it is best suitable for windows, android and ios operating systems. C# language is basically used for back-end web development.

Pros of C# 

  • Secure compared to C and C++.
  • Factor and object oriented.
  • Uses of syntax similar to other languages.
  • High level language.

Cons of C#

  • C# language is not flexible from C++.
  • Need to have good knowledge of the Ruby language.
  • Allow a pointer in it’s unsafe block.


In this field 100 plus programming languages, but the best 7 Programming Language for Web Development are mentioned in this article. If you are starting a career then the future scope in the programming field is best. In this article you have learned basic knowledge of programming languages, if you want to have a full knowledge of programming language then write in the comment box language name.